How We Invest

Through unique partnerships, and proprietary research and analytics, we have created an efficient approach to building a diversified and selective seed stage portfolio.


  • Hone’s partnership with AngelList, the world’s largest fundraising platform for start-ups, enables access to a large number of seed stage companies
  • Our key partners also include a network of entrepreneurs, sector experts, well-connected angel investors, and Micro VC firms. Learn More
  • We apply a rigorous data-driven approach to analyze deal-specific information in our proprietary model to identify those start-ups with the greatest potential for superior returns.
  •  We invest in seed stage and also selectively in high quality growth/later stage deals.

About Us


Hone, founded in 2015, has invested over $150MM in early to growth stage startups in the technology sector, using our proprietary data-driven intelligence platform and our network of deep relationships with syndicate leads, sector experts, and VC firms. We are a leading firm investing in Silicon Valley, by leveraging proprietary machine learning and persistent tracking tools, ability to invest via AngelList and our wide network of syndicate leads who essentially serve as our “distributed GP” network.



Hone Capital expects its team, at all times, to commit to doing business in a manner that is ethical and compliant with all applicable law, and has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, discrimination and all other forms of improper conduct. If you have concerns, please contact us at


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