Hone Capital – the power of the network

Hone Capital has created a unique strategy to leverage a distributed GP network and machine learning platform to invest in seed and early stage companies in Silicon Valley. We also invest selectively in growth and later stage companies.


Our firm has fostered relationships to build a wide-ranging distributed GP network consisting of people, including angel investors, serial entrepreneurs, and micro VC managers, who provide access to high quality deals in tech sector companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.


Over the last four years, Hone Capital has worked with 150 leads in its network to invest over $150M in 350+ seed and growth stage tech companies.   Hone Capital’s network provided a deal flow of more than 1,000 quality opportunities annually. We have invested in a number of notable companies and our early stage portfolio has produced numerous unicorns today.


We provide capital and support to high quality emerging and established angel investors and fund managers to help them develop their portfolios.