Hone Capital – the power of the network

Investment Process
Hone Capital is a trailblazing VC firm that has created an institutional, scalable model for investing in seed stage companies in the technology sector.


Our firm has fostered relationships to build a wide-ranging network of people, including angel investors, serial entrepreneurs, and micro VC managers, who provide access to high quality deals in tech sector companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.


In just the past 18 months, Hone Capital has worked with 150 leads in its network to invest over $100M in 350+ seed and growth stage tech companies.   Hone Capital’s network provided a deal flow of more than 1,000 quality opportunities in just the past 12 months.


We provide capital and support to high quality emerging and established angel investors and fund managers to help them develop their portfolios.


Here are quotes from a few of our network partners:


Rick Marini

Rick Marini, Dragonfly Partners, San Francisco. 3-time Founder and Angel investor in 45+ companies, including Snapchat, Reddit, Pillow, Rinse

“It has been a true pleasure working with the Hone team as the major backer of my fund.  They have been highly supportive of my portfolio companies including the initial investments plus follow-on opportunities.  They are committed to backing great angel investors who then back incredible entrepreneurs.  Working with Hone Capital, and investing via the AngelList platform, provides me the flexibility to do what I love, without being tied to a traditional VC firm.”


Brendan Wallace

Brendan Wallace, Fifth Wall, Los Angeles. Entrepreneur and Seed investor in Roofstock, Earnest, OpenDoor, Clutter, and more.

“Hone Capital was one of the earliest & largest backers of the many real estate & hospitality technology deals that my co-founder Brad and I led on AngelList. Hone Capital has been an outstanding supporter of Fifth Wall’s vision as we’ve developed from being one of the largest syndicates on AngelList to now founding the largest Built World technology venture capital fund. Hone Capital has supported us each step of the way.”


Ed Roman

Ed Roman, San Francisco. Entrepreneur, Advisor, Angel Investor in HackHands, ScaleArc, Molekule, PreNav, and more.

“I’ve been investing in startups for 7 years with a specific focus on software development given my area of expertise, and I am a three-time serial entrepreneur with two exits.  I am a long-term partner for the entrepreneurs I invest in, and meet regularly to help with advice, connections, strategy, and more.  By being value-added it gets me access to some of the best startup investments.  Hone Capital has been a strong partner for this strategy.  They have added value to my portfolio companies with capital, connections, and expertise.”


Jeff Lo

Jeff LoArena Ventures, Los Angeles.  Investor in Clover Health, Laurel & Wolf, ClassPass, BetterView, and more.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to syndicate both seed and later-stage investments with Hone Capital. Their proprietary, data-driven approach makes them uniquely able to invest swiftly and with conviction across all stages of a startup’s venture financing cycle. We look forward to partnering with them again in the future.”


David Rodriguez

David RodriguezDraft Ventures, Los Angeles. Founder and Investor in Overnight, Thrive Market, Shyp, Revfluence, and more.

“Hone Capital was one of the earliest supporters of Draft Ventures and continues to be an incredible partner. The team is highly collaborative with us around developing investment theses and assessing individual investment opportunities. Additionally, they’ve been helpful to our portfolio companies by providing strategic advice and opening up their broad network. Hone Capital takes a long term partnership approach when investing, supporting our portfolio companies from pre-seed through later stage funding rounds.”


Charles Hudson

Charles HudsonPrecursor Ventures, San Francisco.  Entrepreneur and Investor in Zenrez, Clover Intelligence, Impact Health, Pared and more.

“I created Precursor Ventures to lead early-stage rounds for companies that are too embryonic for today’s institutional seed firms. Partnering with Hone Capital has been critical in allowing me to continue to support my portfolio companies as an investor in their follow-on rounds.  We’ve shared deal flow in both directions, and I always welcome the opportunity to co-invest with Hone.  Working with Hone helps me be a more active player in the white space in the very early-stage end of the venture investment spectrum.”


Lee JacobsEdelweiss, San Francisco. Founding partner of Edelweiss and Investor in Fitbit, Blue Bottle, Whistle, Kettle and Fire, Pipefy, Honor, GameTime, and more.

“I remember when I was at AngelList and Hone announced for the first time they would be investing on the platform. I immediately recognized that Veronica and her team were extremely forward thinking investors. Many investors claim they have a unique and proprietary investing strategy, but few actually do. Hone is truly unique in its approach. Over the last few years as I have worked with them closely- both at AngelList and in my personal investing at Edelweiss, it has been a pleasure to watch them execute this innovative strategy. Hone has been an important partner for AngelList and instrumental in their growth as well as a crucial partner for Edelweiss. We hope to work with Hone for many years to come. ”



Immad Akhund, San Francisco. CEO and Founder of Mercury, and Investor in Embark, Starcity, Marble, Nurx, Rappi, Atrium, PullRequest, Standard Bots and more.

“I have worked with Hone on many of my seed and series A investments. They always turn around decisions fast, ask great questions, and are a pleasure to work with.”

A Global Network Spanning China and U.S.
Hone’s network also spans the US and China, encompassing our parent company CSC Group’s relationships and the capabilities of 600 employees in 30 offices in China. Hone Capital is uniquely positioned to enable U.S-based tech companies to expand and thrive in China by identifying the right match to partners.


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